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Agency Partners

Work hand-in-hand with Carro to create your very own managed service to offer your clients. We provide the materials, training, and knowledge you need to drive growth for your brands.

Carro Agency Partners

Platform and Technology Partners

Whether you’re looking to co-market, co-sell, or build an integration with Carro, our Technology Partners Program is designed to help platforms bridge the gap in eCommerce.

Carro Referral and Technology Partners

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What is Carro?

Carro is a curated network of top and emerging brands who are selling on each others stores through cross-store selling. All brands in the network are reviewed and approved to ensure the quality of partners available for you to work with on the network.

What is the Carro Referral Program?

The Carro Referral Program is a way for people and companies to earn a reward for referring qualified new suppliers or retailers to the Carro Network via a dedicated link or sign up form.

What is the Reward for Referring Stores to Carro?

For qualified and approved stores that sign up for the Carro Network, you will receive a $300 bonus for each Carro network partner that signs up and either sells a product from the network or sells one of theirs on the network.

Who is Qualified for the Carro Network?

Carro is a curated network. We currently only accept and will qualify stores that are located in the United States or Canada, selling in USD, and are live established businesses with a minimum level of existing monthly sales and other criteria. New stores or stores that were recently started are not eligible for the network.

How do I get paid?

At the end of each month, your rewards are calculated and available for cash-out via PayPal or Stripe.

When do I get paid?

Payments are verified and paid out the month after your referral completes their third unique customer sale on the Carro platform.

How many times will I get paid per referral?

You will get paid once per referral after the referred brand has successfully made 3 sales as a retailer or supplier in the Carro network.

How long do cookies last for?

We use Cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days starts again.

What qualifies my reward payout?

Sales generated from a referred brand must be generated by legitimate customer (i.e. a non-referring party) orders.

Legal disclaimer

Carro reserves the right to update the terms and conditions of this Partner Referral Program and to terminate any referral relationship that it deems unproductive at any time for any reason.

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