5 Ways to Align Your Social Media Influencer with Brand Promotions

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
5 Ways to Align Your Social Media Influencer with Brand Promotions

Your social media influencer promotions should support your brand’s multi-channel marketing goals. If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a mood board. They are collections of images, materials, and other pieces of content that capture a particular style or sentiment. These mood boards are essential to advertising and graphic design (Source: Content Tales).

Mood boards should look cohesive, capture a feeling, and help tell a story. In the same way, multi-channel marketing should feel like an expression of your mood boards. It should have a cohesive feel that instantly identifies the content as your brand’s. Do you know how to align your social media influencer promotions with your brand’s overall marketing goals?

Achieving a Cohesive Aesthetic With Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is the best way to diversify your revenue model and ensure the success of your brand. Both influencer marketing and Facebook/Instagram advertising can be considered unique channels within your marketing strategy. However, aligning these efforts can not only prove to be a timesaver, but can also help to better prime your customers to make a purchase.

It takes a consumer an average of 6-8 “touches” before they become a viable lead for a brand (Source: Salesforce). With so many brands competing for attention, it has become even more important for your brand to have a unique aesthetic and point of view in order to stand out from the crowd. Aligning your advertising with your influencer content ensures that consumers are able to easily identify your brand’s content online and get the information they need in order to make a purchase.

If you’re looking to build your influencer team, you’ll need Carro. Carro is the app that discovers influencers who already love your brand. These influencers are customers, email subscribers, and social followers that can help you grow your brand. Once you’ve discovered influencers for your brand, you can start collaborating so that your influencer content powers your brand’s growth.

Sponsored Influencer Content

Instagram and Facebook now make it easier than ever to repurpose influencer content into your paid ad strategy. An influencer can now upload content using Instagram’s Branded Content tool. This allows brands to promote the piece of content through Facebook Ads.

If an influencer creates an exceptionally good piece of content, then your brand will be able to use it within their paid ad strategy.


Your target customers should be able to identify your brand’s “look” regardless of whether it is your own content or an influencer’s. Working with an influencer that closely aligns with your brand’s aesthetic can help consumers recognize your brand and your products more easily, making it easier for them to remember you for future purchases.Aligning your aesthetic between your ads and your influencer content may also draw attention to your paid advertising because consumers will recognize it from the influencer content that they previously enjoyed.

Social Media Influencer Promotions

Are you communicating your sales, promotions, and the latest coupon codes to your social media influencers? The best way to reinforce your paid advertising with your influencer content is to let your influencers know your current promotions.

Influencers love to share the best deals with their followers. Sharing an exclusive coupon code, or letting them know about a flash sale in advance, are great ways to add that extra incentive to purchase to influencer content.

It can also help you get the word out even faster about promotions, since social media influencer promotions can be shared in real time.


Does your brand’s aesthetic or messaging change with the seasons? If you are a clothing or accessories brand, this is extremely important. Whether you’re advertising pumpkin spice everything or getting ready for fun in the sun, your brand can coordinate these types of content with influencers to help you stay ahead of each season’s trends.

Sending seasonal products a month or two ahead can help influencers create content that coordinates to the weather outside. When your ads change, so will your influencer content.

Allowing influencers to create their winter wonderland or summer fun day ahead of schedule will allow you to also borrow from their ideas to create your seasonal paid advertising as well. Together, you’ll be able to create content on your paid channels and on their feeds that will delight your customers.

Product Launches

For every new product launch, you’ll want to have influencer content to help get the ball rolling. Requesting extra production samples can allow you to send influencers the product before it is launched. They can create content to share the same day as your product launches.

You’ll definitely have your audience’s attention if you have influencer content, paid advertising, an email announcing the launch, content on your own social channels, and maybe even some press coverage (Carro can help find members of the press too!). Aligning your multi-channel content can help you really reinforce the message surrounding your product launch with your audience.

Coordinating your brand’s goals with your influencer content can help you get even better results from your influencer marketing campaigns. You’ll be reinforcing the brand messaging across all channels. This increases your “touches” with each customers so they can make a better purchasing decision.

Communication with your influencer team is essential to your brand’s influencer marketing success. Discussing your brand’s goals with the influencer will ensure that their content puts your brand in the best possible light. You can also better incentivize their audience to purchase with your brand by sharing coupons, sales, exclusive content, product launches, and other social media influencer promotions.

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