Brands are Building ‘New Wave Marketplaces’ to Reach Customers

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
Brands are Building ‘New Wave Marketplaces’ to Reach Customers

With more and more brands ditching traditional marketplaces *cough cough, Amazon*, they’re looking for ways to reach new customers. With counterfeiting and brand tarnishing being top-of-mind issues for these key D2C players, they’re reassessing their priorities with legacy marketplaces moving forward. That’s where this ‘new wave’ of Marketplaces comes in.

‘New Wave Marketplaces’ prioritize the marketplace-to-brand relationship, merchandising strategy, overall branding, and product pairing fit. Essentially, it’s everything you love about shopping D2C applied to the marketplace. Brands are leading the charge with highly curated and thoughtful brand and product pairings.

Single-Product Brands Build Marketplaces to Increase LTV

Take, for example, Shopify Plus single-product powerhouse brand, Blendjet. Through Carro Brand Partnerships, they’ve quickly built a curated marketplace of “the very best blendable ingredients”. Every product added to the marketplace aligns with Blendjet’s values, speaks to the lifestyle of the Blendjet customer, and can be blended up in the Blendjet blender! Featuring brands like 22 Days Nutrition, Orgain, Soylent, Tenzo, and PB2, this hyper-curated marketplace gives Blendjet customers an opportunity to add longevity to their relationship with the brand. Not to mention, increasing important KPIs like LTV, AOV, and product return rate for the brand.

Influencers Turn to Marketplaces to Retain More Revenue

Another brand that is killing it in the ‘New Wave Marketplace’ game is Teddy and Bear. Founded by influencer power couple Shawn Johnson and Andrew East. They wanted to capitalize on the selling power they have with their followers and keep more of the revenue of the products they were promoting and using.  Shortly after joining the Carro network, Teddy and Bear quickly began expanding their product offering with Baby and Children’s goods. Everything they added to their catalog fit in just right with the original Teddy and Bear collection of products. By forming strategic product partnerships, Teddy and Bear discovered a scalable way to offer more to their audience AND drive up revenue by increasing their AOV & LTV. Joining a comprehensive brand network gave this Influencer store the ability to truly monetize its fanbase.

Retailers Expand Product Assortment with Virtual Inventory is a marketplace of hand-curated products for the outdoors. They’re always looking for new products and refining their existing assortment. Carro Brand Partnerships enables them to source products with low risk and 100% virtual inventory. Through the Carro Network, they’re able to connect with ideal suppliers quickly and bring on their best-selling products. They no longer have to add the supplier’s full catalog of products when beginning a relationship.  For, building loyalty means constantly adding new, compelling products to their store. Ultimately, Carro enables them to become a lifestyle destination without the traditional risks.  

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