Brands Using Micro-Influencers: Building Your Creative Library

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
Brands Using Micro-Influencers: Building Your Creative Library

If an influencer doesn’t have reach, do they still have influence? Does an influencer’s content have value for your brand if it doesn’t have reach? Brands using micro-influencers will have to look at these influencer marketing campaigns differently than their usual influencer marketing campaigns.

There are probably hundreds of marketing blogs that would argue that an influencer without reach/impressions has nothing, but we’ll argue that influencer content has value wholly separate from their reach or likes. A micro-influencer is actually a powerful content creator with the ability to create aesthetically pleasing content for your brand to help it grow.

Micro-Influencers are the New Influencers

As reach and engagement continues to fluctuate with every algorithm change, micro-influencers are picking up steam in influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers are influencers with less than 10K followers. Many micro-influencers have a stronger engagement rate than other influencers with higher follower counts, which means greater brand exposure for you and more followers seeing the influencer’s branded content.

Micro-influencers still have a strong lead over other influencers for authenticity and trustworthiness, making their content easily digestible for their followers. Despite the limited reach compared to other influencers, these micro-influencers can have a potentially amazing return on investment.

Micro-influencers also create great content that rivals even the biggest influencers. These micro-influencers are able to create content that captures the imagination of their audience and can align well with your brand’s aesthetic. Micro-influencers are an asset to brands for more than just their loyal audience.

Looking to find your next micro-influencer to partner with? Check out this blog article.

Influencers are Content Creators First

Influencers are constantly sharing images, videos, and posts for their own feeds, making them content creation experts. These influencers are creating according to a unique aesthetic and they understand what their audience will respond best to.

Many influencers have even built up the skills of a creative director within the context of their own social sharing. It is now commonplace for an influencer to know photoshop skills, principles of graphic design, and advertising best practices. These influencers can be a wonderful resource for your brand.

When deciding which influencers to work with, take a look at their audience. A good influencer partner will have an audience following them that directly overlaps with your target audience. These influencers will know how to target your potential customers because they are already doing it through their content creation!

Brands Using Micro-Influencers for Content Creation

An influencer can be a wonderful partner for content creation. Before you rule someone out because of their followers, see if they could contribute to your brand’s creative campaigns.

For brands without an in-house photographer or creative team, these influencers are a valuable resource that can build your content calendar and help your brand succeed.

Your brand can build up your creative library by setting up an agreement with the influencers about which rights you have to the images they create. Get even more out of your influencer’s content by sharing them in paid social ads and on your website.

Your brand library will thank you for betting on an influencer who is just starting to build their follower count!

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