Carrie Schoen, Working at Carro Q+A

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
Carrie Schoen, Working at Carro Q+A

What’s your name and role? Why did you decide to join Carro?

My name is Carrie, I am an account manager. I came over from being a sales director and sales manager from a traditional wholesale environment. I saw that tech was the future for my field. I was so excited to come to Carro because not only does it allow companies to explore new sales channels, but it gives them new options and new ways of getting their names out there while making money. I also just love the company culture!

What do you like most about what you do?

I love connecting those brands, I love seeing them go live. I love seeing someone get excited about a new avenue to make money. I really enjoy seeing the finished product – how brands merchandise their sites, how they create content, all using our product. It’s my most favorite part of the job!

In just one word, describe your experience at Carro.


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