The Oversimplified Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2020

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
The Oversimplified Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2020

This will be the shortest blog post published on Notification*. We want to give you just the barest bones so that you can get your influencer marketing up and running in 2020.
Here we go!

Influencer Marketing in 5 ½ Steps

1 Find Your Influencers

Apps like Carro can help you find influencers to work with, with minimal setup. An influencer who is familiar with your brand, posts within your industry, and genuinely enjoys your products is the ideal candidate for these types of marketing campaigns.

2 Reach Out to Influencers

A quick and casual email or DM is the best approach for reaching out to influencers. Start a conversation and see how they’d like to collaborate with you. There’s no right or wrong way to do influencer marketing, so getting input from each influencer can help make whatever they post feel more natural.

3 Send Products to Influencers

Product gifting allows the influencer to share about your brand with their audience.

4 Influencers Post About Your Brand

Influencers will share about your brand with their audience. To make sure that they are well-prepared to create content, you’ll want to share a unique coupon code with them, or some other incentive that they can pass on to their followers. Here are some great examples of influencer marketing.

5 Influencers’ Audiences Become Your Customers

This is where the true magic of influencer marketing happens. If the influencer has engaged their audience, they’ll find your brand online and that is where your website takes over. Make sure you have good lead magnets in place to capture these visitors’ information on their first visit to your website.

5.5 Lather, Rinse, Repeat! Oh, and Measure Success!

The best way to build upon your influencer marketing and make it truly successful is to keep track of the results with each influencer. That will give you the insights to perfect your process.

What’s Changed in Influencer Marketing in 2020

Long-Term Relationships are the New Normal

One-time posts from influencers will no longer be able to drive the results it once did. Instead, focus on longer plans to cultivate each relationship. Have each influencer post multiple times, and in different ways, about your brand. This allows their followers to get to know your brand and it will better promote brand awareness with that group.

Influencers are Everywhere Now

More users on social media are qualifying as influencers, so there are plenty of influencers to pick for your brand. However, more influencers also means that there is more influencer marketing online than ever before. Your influencer marketing needs to be precise, creative, and aimed at your potential customers. Anything else will just float out into the over-saturation and not achieve the results you want.

Audiences want Genuine Recommendations

This isn’t really new, but a higher value has been placed on following influencers who are honest and not just in it for the money. In 2019, influencers crashed and burned when they appeared insincere to their audiences. Audiences will abandon ship with influencers who make faulty or unreliable  recommendations, so working with influencers who already use and love your products is a way to safeguard against influencers who are thinking about their paychecks instead of their followers.

There you have it! Everything you need to get your influencer marketing going in 2020!

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