How To Decrease Bounce Rates and Increase Sales Through Personalized Shopping

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
How To Decrease Bounce Rates and Increase Sales Through Personalized Shopping

What’s the eCommerce equivalent to an in-store personal shopper? Some would say a chatbot or a “You Might Also Like” feature on a product detail page. We think it’s a bit more nuanced than that. But, certainly not more complicated. That’s because our friends at Paloma have automated the personal shopping experience for online merchants!

In the next few paragraphs, we’re gonna chat about how your brand can use personalized shopping to drive conversion

Using Conversational Quizzes to Simulate an IRL Personal Shopping Experience

We are ride-or-die eCommerce fans, but it can be hard to simulate the IRL shopping experience when it comes to things like sizing and fit preferences. That being said, intelligent quizzes powered by Dynamic Product Matching, can help predict and assess the customers’ preferences even better than a physical store experience.

With Dynamic Product Matching, not only are you using data to inform buying decisions, but you’re also capturing more data every day to continually improve your product matching results.

Letting Social Proof Do The Talking

Picture this: You’re at a store in the fitting room trying something on. You’re trying to decide which size to pick. You feel like you’re in-between sizes and are struggling to make up your mind. Then, someone walks out of the fitting room next to you with a similar body type as you. You ask them what size they’re wearing. They tell you that they always size down because the product stretches and forms to your body as you wear it. So, feeling relieved, you go with the smaller size.

What if we told you that this interaction could happen online? Paloma can simulate this customer-to-customer exchange via testimonials and social proof. After all, peer-to-peer marketing is often the most effective marketing.

Meeting The Customer Where They’re At

What’s better than Omni-channel marketing? Omni-channel personal shopping! Paloma meets customers where they’re at through integrations with key sales channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, paid media, and on-site messaging. This means that intelligent product-focused conversations can happen wherever your customer wants. It’s like the digital equivalent of having a personal shopper meet you at your home.

Offering the Right Products at the Right Time

Now, we can’t forget about the importance of offering the right products at the right time. With Cross-store selling through Carro, it’s easy to add new products to your store without holding inventory or fulfilling those orders yourself. For example, if you notice that your customers are asking for something that you don’t have, in just a few clicks you can add that product to your store through Carro’s network of top Shopify stores!

The Carro technology paired with the Paloma technology enables you to react to customer insights in real-time. Now, not only do you know what your customers want, but you’re able to provide it quickly.

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