How to Design Your Website to be Influencer-Friendly

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
How to Design Your Website to be Influencer-Friendly

When an influencer lands on your website, does it make them excited to work with your brand? Your website should be both a lead magnet to customers and influencers. Both can help your bottom line. Certain simple design changes can help you attract influencers and create more partnerships to help promote your brand.  

Mobile friendly websites
Example of a mobile-friendly website

Make Your Website Mobile-Optimized

More than 51% of social media users use their mobile devices to view their content. With influencers, it may be even higher, as they check their notifications more frequently than the average user. If your brand’s website isn’t optimized for mobile, then you’ll want to start there.

In Shopify and many ecommerce platforms, you may be able to switch the theme in order to achieve your mobile-friendly look. Make sure that all the content needed for shoppers is visible and legible. Each button should also be large enough to click with a finger. These little changes will make it easier for both potential customers and influencer partners to fall in love with your website!

Make It Easy to Share on Social

Influencers thrive on social media. If your site is going to appeal to influencers, then you’ll want to make all your products, pages, and content easy to share on social media. Social share buttons in a convenient location allow influencers to share your content with just a couple of clicks. Consider adding them to each product listing so that they can easily share their favorite products.

Also, if you want influencers to be able to share links to your site, you’ll want to look at your permalinks to see if they are short, while still packing in all the SEO keywords you need. If you are using UTM parameters to track clicks and visits to your site, then make sure they are written clearly, and aren’t just a jumble of auto-generated letters and numbers. These shorter, more attractive links will look better in influencer content.

Informational Landing Pages for Influencers

If you’ve accomplished the first two tasks of mobile optimization and social sharing, then your next move is to make it easy for influencers to reach out to your brand. You may already be recruiting influencers to partner with your brand, but this allows a new way for potentially successful influencers to find your brand and reach out with their inquiries.

Your information page for influencers should include anything relevant to all of your influencer partnerships. Include who your ideal influencer partner is, any requirements for your influencer content, and any rewards or incentives that you give to all your influencers. You don’t necessarily need to go into details about compensation or anything too technical.

This page should be linked in your footer with a clear title like “Are You an Influencer?” or “Influencer Information.” That way, influencers can get some baseline information before reaching out to your brand.

Contact information is also essential to this influencer information page. A contact form or an email address will allow influencers to reach out to you if they feel that they can represent your brand well and would like to collaborate.

Influencer Content on Homepage

When an influencer loads your homepage, do they see examples of influencer content? Having influencer content on your homepage will not only give an influencer some context of past influencer marketing, but it will also make your brand appear personable. Influencer content provides trustworthiness and authenticity to the consumer, and will impress influencers that you support fellow influencers.

Instagram galleries that pull from a hashtag can help you include the best influencer content on your website. If you want to post their content on your website, make sure you have the proper permissions from the influencer.

You can also include influencer content in your hero images at the top of the page, or as carousels for the various categories on the site.  

Influencer Content on Product Pages

One of the best places to use influencer content is on your product pages. Here you can share with consumers which influencers actually use and love a particular product. The influencer can contribute product images, reviews, or videos of the product in action. These assets could convert potential customers.

Influencer website content can include reviews, videos of the products in use, or lifestyle images within your product’s images. All of these little pieces of content will help the consumer see the product in a real-life setting, thereby increasing conversions. Plus, the influencer will gain some additional exposure by being on your site. Be sure to list their name, handle, or link so that your customers can explore more!

If you are including influencer content on your product pages, influencers will be excited to contribute to your brand because they can see how much you support influencers and their content creation. In addition, you’ll get genuine content to share that shows your products in action!

Influencer website landing page
Example of an Influencer Landing Page

Influencer Collections/Landing Pages

If you really want to capitalize on influencer content, then creating a dedicated landing page for your influencer partners is a great way to maximize the exposure for your influencer partnerships. You can share their images and their favorite products on the page. These pages make it easy for influencers to share a dedicated page when they link in their content.

This dedicated landing page will help you refine your brand’s message so that it is specifically appealing to the influencer’s audience. What details are they interested in? Getting the influencer’s input helps you create a landing page that converts well for that particular demographic. The influencer can then share a personalized page when they recommend your brand online.

Use Carro

Using Carro can help you streamline the influencer marketing process, which influencers love! When you have Carro installed and Product Requests turned on, influencers will be able to request products for collaboration. With this, communication is effortless and partnerships are easy to start!Influencers can also detail their plans to you so that you have a clear picture of how they’d like to partner with your brand. There’s nothing more influencer-friendly than making influencer gifting easy for everyone involved!

Create Your Site as an Influencer Magnet

Your website isn’t just for the average visitors. If you optimize your website for influencers, then you’ll have high-converting content on your website and influencers who are eager to recommend your brand.

Don’t just worry about recruiting influencers to work with your brand. Instead, these little changes can help you make your site an influencer magnet, and your brand will attract quality partnerships.

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