How To Get Influencers Organically Promoting Your Products

Taran Soodan
Taran Soodan
How To Get Influencers Organically Promoting Your Products

Getting influencers to post about your brand more often can be a great way to grow your business organically. It can help increase brand recognition and visibility and create an authentic, credible presence in the market. But paying influencers for every post can drive up costs quickly. Instead, your brand should find ways to get influencers excited about your brand, so they're more likely to promote it organically (with a healthy affiliate commission too).

While it may seem daunting or like too much work, there are several steps you can take to make sure you're successful when recruiting influencers and getting them excited about your products.

In this blog post, we'll discuss getting influencers on board with your brand and optimizing their posts for increased engagement and ROI. 

Understand Your Goals 

The first step in developing relationships with influencers is understanding your own goals. What do you hope to achieve by partnering with influencers? Are you looking for increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, or greater sales? By setting clear goals upfront, you can better determine which influencers are best suited for working with your company and create an action plan. 

Determine Your Target Audience  

Next, it's crucial to determine your target audience to choose the right influencer(s) who will resonate with them. Consider factors such as age range, gender, interests, and hobbies. Once you know the demographic you want to focus on, search through social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube and find potential collaborators who meet those criteria. 

Identifying Influencers 

The next step in successful influencer marketing is identifying the right influencers for your brand. The best way to do this is by researching what influencers are already talking about your brand or products: Who is interacting with you on social media? Who is linking to you from their blog? Who has endorsed your product? By taking note of these individuals, you'll get a better idea of the types of influencers interested in what you offer. 

Once you've identified potential influencers, take some time to learn more about them and their audiences. What kind of topics do they discuss? What kind of content do they create? What kind of language do they use? Understanding this information can help you tailor your message and approach when reaching out so that it resonates with them—and ultimately helps convert their followers into customers. 

Establishing Relationships with Influencers 

Once you've identified potential influencers, the next step is establishing relationships with them. This can be done through direct outreach (such as emailing or messaging) or by engaging them in conversations on social media. When doing so, make sure to focus on building genuine relationships rather than just trying to "sell" them something—the goal here isn't necessarily immediate conversion but relatively long-term engagement and collaboration down the line. 

A great way to start building relationships with influencers is by offering free products or services in exchange for an honest review or endorsement. 

This will allow them to test out your product and demonstrate that you value their opinion and respect their time enough as an authoritative figure within their industry—an excellent foundation for any long-term relationship! 

Create Engaging Content 

Before bringing any influencer on board with your company, it's essential that they understand your brand guidelines so that their content remains consistent with yours. This includes establishing what kind of language they should use when representing the company (i.e., profanity should not be used), policies regarding product promotion (what products they can promote), as well as any branding tags they should include (such as logo placement). 

Make sure these guidelines are laid out in a contract so both parties have a complete understanding of the expectations from each other. 

Keep Content Fun & Engaging 

The key to creating engaging content is ensuring it's entertaining for viewers and relevant to the topic. Encourage influencers to develop creative ideas for their sponsored posts, such as incorporating user-generated content into their publications or hosting live Q&A sessions on social media channels. The goal is to make sure viewers feel like they can connect with the influencer in some way which increases engagement levels and chances of conversion into customers down the line.  

Incentivize Influencers 

The old way

Influencer marketing can be an effective way to promote your brand, but the traditional approach of paying influencers upfront for their promotion can be expensive and risky with no guaranteed results. However, there are innovative methods to engage influencers to promote your product without breaking the bank.

Performance-based payments

By adopting a performance-based marketing strategy, you can pay influencers only when their promotions result in actual sales or leads. This not only mitigates the risk of spending a lot of money upfront but also ensures that you only pay for tangible business outcomes. With the right approach, you can drive more organic growth, build brand awareness, and cultivate long-term relationships with influencers who are genuinely excited about your brand.

Methods for performance-based measurement

Many brands are looking for ways to collaborate with influencers without breaking the bank, and there are several performance-based options available.

1. Affiliate links

These are a popular choice, as they only require payment when a sale is made. While this method may have some drawbacks for influencers, it can be an effective way for brands to focus on paying only when they get paid.

2. Measure CPM

Measuring CPM allows brands to pay based on the number of clicks received from a campaign, paying in batches of 1000 at a time. This can be tracked using UTM links or Google Analytics and may have a better value for both parties. This is a great option if a brand wants to drive more traffic to their store.

3. Carro partnerships

At Carro, we (obviously) believe that the best long-term strategy is to form a partnership with the influencer through our platform. Influencers can add your products to their own store, and they will receive a commission for every sale made. This not only incentivizes the influencer to promote your brand but also creates a potential source of recurring revenue for both parties. The key benefit is that any future traffic that comes to the influencer's site after your collaboration has ended will still lead to potential purchases.

Strategy & Planning 

As important as it is for brands and influencers to keep creating new content together regularly, it's also critical that all parties involved put some effort into strategy and planning around these initiatives beforehand too! An excellent way for brands to do this is by developing an editorial calendar that outlines all upcoming campaigns alongside relevant objectives (e.g., increase brand awareness among X demographic). 

Doing this ensures everyone stays organized while making sure each piece of content created aligns well with overall business goals too!  

Influencer marketing offers countless opportunities for businesses looking to grow their customer base organically—all while building strong relationships with influential individuals within their respective industries along the way too! 

By following the steps outlined above—from identifying relevant influencers to developing engaging content—businesses will be well-equipped for success when working alongside these key figures moving forward!

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