How to Optimize Your Shopify Store

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
How to Optimize Your Shopify Store

Are you running a Shopify store? If you are, do you think you’re doing it successful? Well, there’s always room for optimization! We’ll be covering how to optimize your Shopify store for maximum success.

You can set up a Shopify store in just 15 to 20 minutes. But just setting it up will not help you. You need to set up your Shopify store in a way that brings success. If you are not getting enough traffic or a good number of customers, this means that there’s still things that your Shopify store needs.

There are a variety of Shopify stores, but there is one thing that all the stores require and that is optimization and marketing strategies. Your Shopify store’s success will depend on a lot of things- like your landing page, traffic, ad campaigns, apps which you are using, marketing areas you are focusing on, customer retention rate, marketing and ads budget, profit, and more. Missing any of these can impact the overall profit and success of your Shopify store.

Below, we are sharing some of the common strategies that you can use to set up your Shopify store for success. From Google ads to Facebook ads, influencer marketing to email marketing, here is a complete guide on how to use them to your benefit.

1.  PPC Advertising

Termed as Pay Per Click Advertising, this is where an advertiser will have to pay for ads depending on the number of times they are getting clicked. This helps in bringing traffic to the website. The concept of PPC Advertising is highly popular in e-commerce marketing and brands- big and small use this to increase the traffic on their website.

For successfully conducting a PPC advertising campaign for the Shopify store, you need to decide the advertising platforms, target audience, dedicated niche, and SEO keywords. When doing PPC advertising, make sure that major traffic on your site comes out of the ad budget only.

Paid advertising strategy

Form a paid advertising strategy that matches your budget, but do not keep your budget too small. Track the website metrics to know what is driving most of the traffic. Optimize your ads, keywords, and ad content according to that only, so that your ads can get a maximum number of clicks. Use different social media platforms to promote ads or you can also make use of Google Shopping ads or Facebook Ads as well.

Google Ads

Google Ads is so far one of the best ways to reach your audience. If you want to get traffic to your Shopify store, you can use the Google AdWords program. Google Ads work based on keywords. It helps in targeting the audiences who are interested in the kind of product you are selling or the kind of service you are providing. Make sure that you focus on the right keywords to rank on the Google Search Engine to get maximum traffic.

Facebook Ads

When placing Facebook ads, advertisers check a lot of things, so that they can target the right community or like-minded people. From looking at profile info to checking demographic and geographic info, all these things are required for advertising on Facebook. There are several ways of advertising on Facebook. Like, News Feed Ads, Page Post Ads, Sponsored Stories Ads, etc.

What to choose between these PPC Platforms?

Both Google and Facebook are popular PPC Platforms. But it depends on your advertising strategy and target audience that which platform you should choose. On the one hand, Google AdWords is one of the oldest and most used advertising platforms. On the other hand, Facebook advertising is one of the most popular social media marketing strategies.

Google Ads will help you get customers instantly, along with the return of investment done on advertising. Whereas, Facebook helps in bringing new and like-minded customers along with better ROI.

Must Use Shopify APPS for PPC Ads management

Here are some of the Shopify apps which we would like to recommend for PPC Ads Management.

2. Influencer marketing

For word-of-mouth marketing, there’s nothing better than influencer marketing. You’ll be able to partner with key leaders, or influencers, to share your brand and promote your product in front of a large and already engaged audience.

Influencer marketing is also done in two ways, either by content marketing or by social media marketing. It helps in creating the trustworthiness and brand awareness among the audiences, as the word-of-mouth is coming from an influencer or a celebrity.

Does influencer marketing work for Shopify?

Influencer marketing works great for Shopify when using all the right tactics. You need to choose the right influencer for marketing your brand. Not just this, but also interact with an influencer to let them know what message you want to deliver to the audience. This helps in creating the right social media ad campaigns and choosing the right keywords. It becomes easy to focus on brand or product-centric audiences with the help of influencer marketing for the Shopify store.

Most successful Shopify stores using influencer marketing

Some of the Successful Shopify stores which are doing great using influencer marketing are:

Must-use Shopify apps for influencer marketing

If you want to promote your Shopify store in the right way using influencer marketing, then there’s only one end-to=end influencer marketing platform you should try. And best yet, it’s free!

3.  Landing Pages Optimization

Do you know that your landing page elements can also lead to conversions and sales? Yes, but for that, you need to optimize your landing pages. A landing page is one of the pages on the Shopify Site or any e-commerce website which helps in increasing sales and number of conversions. So, one needs to optimize it in a way that the visitor’s focus does not get diverted and it gets converted into a customer.

How to do it right

There are different ways of optimizing Landing Pages, but you need to make sure that you are doing it in the right way. You can make use of Shopify apps that help in optimizing landing pages; the focus, however, should be on all the elements on the page. Make sure that you keep minimum elements on the page so that the call to action can be followed. Use SEO content marketing for targeting visitors. Reduce the landing page loading time, so that visitors do not leave the landing page.

Best landing page building platforms

Make use of these landing page building platforms, or get ideas from here to optimize your landing page.

4. Email marketing automation

There is no doubt in it that emails are still one of the best ways to market your products or to retain your customers. The process of email marketing has evolved in the past few years. And the response of this strategy is also great, as it focuses on relevant details, with a personalized touch, and timely delivery that makes the customer’s response more often and instantly. From informing customers about the latest offers to sending personalized wishes on birthdays and anniversaries to informing customers about related products, email automation is the new way to save time and increase conversions in the digital age.

What is email automation?

Email automation sends automatic emails that notify customers for a given purpose or occasion. For example, if your website wants to notify customers about how a customer can use different features on that shopping site, you can make use of email automation to send out an email to customers automatically when they sign up on that shopping site.

How is it helpful?

Email automation is helpful in different ways. It is not just helpful for brands and sellers, but also helpful for customers. It has become easy for brands to send the regular emails for welcoming new customers, or for reminding customers about their service or plan expiry date or for sending up-gradation emails to customers. They do not have to form new emails or send new emails manually. It can be done automatically according to the customer query or action on the store. It is also helping customers to get complete info on time, without any delays.

Advantages of email automation

Some of the advantages of email automation are:

How to do it?

Creating automated emails is not at all difficult. If you want to create those automated emails for your Shopify store, you just need the right app for doing it. Choose the right keywords and optimize content that you will be adding in the email. Some apps also provide relevant suggestions which you can use for creating these email campaigns.

Best email marketing automation platforms

There are many email marketing platforms available on the internet. But we suggest you do some research before you choose one. Or you can use the ones which we have mentioned below.

Apps that used to automate your email marketing

We do have some Shopify Apps for email marketing also which makes email marketing automation easy and better for us. The apps are:


Now that you have a comprehensive guide about how to set up your Shopify store, you can drive it to success. Getting all the right strategies which most of the top Shopify store sellers are using is important. As a seller, you need to emphasize not only promoting products or brands on your store but also use them to build trust in customers.

When choosing the email marketing or influencer marketing tools or apps, make your judgment both on the ratings and their reviews. There are many free apps also available for targeting social media ads or for tracking ads traffic, so if you do not want to invest in paid apps, you can also use free apps to set up your Shopify store.

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