Overcoming Friction Through Collaborative Commerce

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
Overcoming Friction Through Collaborative Commerce

Topics Covered in this Episode of Just Go Grind

What Carro is now and how they’re helping companies optimize e-commerce by working together

How David and his co-founder Jason Goldberg came up with the idea by leveraging the authentic relationship between influencers and brands and how that idea evolved into Carro

How they overcame the challenge of getting brands onto the platform – David’s insights regarding how to understand investors as a founder

The obstacles they’ve confronted in building Carro – Overcoming friction and the “zero-click solution”

David’s past companies and successful exits

The importance of proving a pattern

The future of merging e-commerce with social media

How they’ve approached fundraising for Carro

How Carro pairs brands

Why Carro is focused on growing brands, not competing with them

What sets Carro apart

The community building element of Carro’s strategy

Leveraging geography and thinking globally for growth in order to get a competitive advantage

Going beyond being an entrepreneur to become an innovator

How to level up in your industry

How David is integrating his 30 years of gaming experience into building Carro – Gamification through implementing skill, risk, and strategy into your business

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