Klaviyo x Carro: Unlocking Post-Purchase Cross-Sell Emails

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
Klaviyo x Carro: Unlocking Post-Purchase Cross-Sell Emails

Cross-selling is an eCommerce strategy that increases all the important eCom metrics. You know, the ones like LTV and revenue. BUT, what about applying cross-selling strategies to the email marketing experience? We believe the merchandising potential via email marketing can be just as impactful as the web experience. So, today we’re gonna talk about harnessing the power of the post-purchase cross-sell email and how to do that.

Product Relevancy Matters

The beauty of a platform like Klaviyo is that it allows you to include dynamic product feeds into emails. This is important because when merchandising anything (website or email) the key is to offer the customer a relevant, up-to-date product at the right time and in the right place. For example, when you’re cross-selling in an email, the real estate is limited, so you can really only make a few offers before the users’ attention is gone. Klaviyo’s dynamic feeds allow you to make sure things like sold-out products (or the product they just purchased) aren’t offered in the feed. And, even more importantly, they allow you to dynamically show the user products that they were interacting within their last session.

Need some help setting up those cross-sell flows? Check out this article from our friends at Klaviyo.

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Get The Timing Right

Like some people say, “timing is everything”. And, they’re not wrong – especially when it comes to email send times and delays. For example, if your customer just purchased ground matcha for the first time, you might want to consider sending them a cross-sell email with tools (or ingredients) that help them make the best matcha ever! Sending this cross-sell email within a few days of their initial order is ideal so that their first experience making the matcha is great. We suggest offering free shipping on this cross-sell order so that they more likely take you up on the offer. Additionally, accompanying the email with how-to’s or video tutorials that include all the products your cross-selling will help drive the sale through content.

post purchase email with free shipping offer

UGC is King

What better way to sell a complementary product than to show others enjoying their complementary products together? UGC is really powerful for social proof and bringing the product(s) down to reality for the customer. We suggest doing this through creative images that your customers have taken as well as supplementing with written reviews.

As all merchandising goes, whether it’s on the eCommerce store or in an email, it’s important to offer the right product at the right time to the right customer. With product relevancy, good timing, and UGC on your side (plus a few A/B tests) you’ll be on your way to a successful post-purchase cross-sell email.

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