Rebuy is Taking the Guesswork out of Product Recommendations

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
Rebuy is Taking the Guesswork out of Product Recommendations

Have you ever gotten a “You May Also Like” recommendation that you don’t also like? This is an unfortunately common story. A functionality that is meant to increase AOV and UPT often doesn’t because of a lack of intelligent data-backed recommendations. So, that’s where Rebuy comes in!

Rebuy fuels growth through data-driven personalization and merchandising solutions. AKA no more “You May Also Like” recs that your customers don’t actually like. So you may be wondering, how do they do it?

Intelligent Shopping Cart

Rebuy uses artificial intelligence to create personalized product upsells and cross-sells to your customers at the cart level. Unlike other apps, Rebuy’s smart cart suggestions aren’t pre-populated, they’re populated at the time of opening the cart. This way, you know your customers are receiving truly personalized suggestions.

Single-Click Post-Purchase Offers

Did you know that statistically, it’s 60-70% easier to sell to your own customers? This is why Rebuy created its post-purchase offer feature.

Purchase intent peaks when a customer completes an order. They’ve already put in all of their shipping and credit card information, so selling to these customers is much lower friction. To add to the low friction, these offers are single-click, making it really easy for your customers to purchase algorithmically produced upsell and cross-sells.

Automated Retention

What’s better than a first purchase? A repeat purchase. Customers are typically retained off-site, so Rebuy has created a suite of retention and engagement solutions. One of our favorites is the automated subscription re-activation email. Not only do these solutions reduce churn, but they increase Lifetime Value.

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