Social Media Marketing Strategies 2022

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
Social Media Marketing Strategies 2022

Social media news, tips, and tricks are everywhere (and always changing). So, what are the key strategies and trends to pay attention to this year? In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the major high points in Social Media Marketing for 2022!

Diversify Your Social Media Channels

In other words, don’t rely on a single platform. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that social media apocalypses CAN happen. Is your brand prepared? Do you have an audience on other channels? Diversifying your strategy across channels not only safeguards you from reliance on a single platform, but it can also be a great way to segment your audience. For example, if your Instagram audience is largely millennial, that platform can be your “Millennial Segment.”

Unlikely Brands Should Embrace Humor

Ask yourself: How many brands with large TikTok audiences use humor? We’d argue, most of them. Even unlikely brands — ever heard of Ryan Air? They basically own the “unlikely humor” category on TikTok. There’s also the Duolingo owl who’s notorious for being slightly unhinged (but hilarious). There are a lot of opportunities to insert humor into your strategy – you may be surprised how easy it is to do on a platform like TikTok!

Create Unique, Platform-Specific Content

Sorry to be the ones to say it but, yes, you probably do need to create unique platform-specific content. What works on Instagram doesn’t work on TikTok or Facebook and so on. Plus, if you have overlapping followers from platform to platform, it’s important to give them fresh content at every touchpoint. That being said, we still do highly recommend maintaining a cohesive story and campaign messaging across all platforms.

Lean Into Social Audio

No, we’re not just talking about Clubhouse. We’re talking about things like podcasts and audio ads on Spotify. Spotify reports that 56% of Gen Zs and millennials agree there’s too much visual stimulation, and audio offers a nice escape from that. Interesting right? Video has often been used as a way to stand out, now audio is slowly taking that throne.

Approach Instagram with a New Mindset

It’s no secret that Facebook (now Meta) has been making some major changes across the board. Those changes include Instagram. It’s important to recognize that IG is competing for attention against major player, TikTok. A good rule of thumb when it comes to Instagram is that the algorithm will almost always reward you using all the features Instagram has to offer. Especially the features that compete with emerging platforms.

Work with New Wave Influencers and Creators

What brand doesn’t want to work with influencers and creators who already love their brand? Well, more and more, this is becoming a prerequisite for long-term partnerships. Victoria Paris is a great example of a “New Wave” Influencer. Her most recent collaboration with Anthropologie was spurred on by her organically sharing some of her recent home purchases. Now, they have an official partnership where you can “Shop Her Apartment.”

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