The Power of Branding and the Impact of Collaboration

Coco Byrd
Coco Byrd
The Power of Branding and the Impact of Collaboration

Our CEO and Co-Founder, David Perry, was recently featured on the Scale-Up Show with Ryan Staley.

Here are some key points

Great thinkers and creators are the ones who not only serve an audience in the present moment but are also planning for the audiences they have yet to meet in the future.

Branding is vitally important. By selectively identifying a product with a brand name, you can gain instant traction and boost sales. Consumers are always looking for solutions that make their lives easier. The fastest-growing companies are those that take the process away from the end result and make consumption far more agile.

Our offerings should always come with a “gamification” element, whereby completing a process makes us feel as though we are leveling up in some way. People like to feel as though they are constantly improving and getting better.

Quotable Moments

“Don’t make what people need today. Make something they’re going to need in the future.”

“Branding matters! If there’s any way you can put a brand on something, then do it!”

“Licensing in is cool, but licensing out is even cooler.”

“Every single industry is ripe for disruption.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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