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Supplier Plan

  • Add your brand & products to the Carro Network/Directory!
  • Access the largest network of retailers for your products
  • Broaden your distribution channels without traditional advertising costs
  • Unlimited retail partnerships
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Partnership approval controls i
  • Product pricing flexibility
  • Automated order management
  • Manage all partnerships on a single platform
  • Email and chat support

What's in it for us? When you make sales with Carro partners, we take only a 5% fee. Learn More

All that magic, explained:

Brand Pairing Specialist Access

Don't go it alone — lean on our merchandising knowledge. We'll work with you to find the right partners, strategies, and opportunities.

Create Custom Bundles (beta)

Offer more of what your customers want, together. Sell products from multiple brands as one item.

Auto & Flexible Fulfillment Options

Your company, your partnerships, and your processes. Configure when your products should ship.

Add Checkout Upsells (beta)

(Requires Shopify Plus)

Show your customers products they were already going to buy in the next tab over.

Post-Purchase Upsell (beta)

Now that you’ve captured their purchase, follow up with more options! Carro will make it possible to offer more at every customer touch-point.

Advanced Reporting (beta)

Measure and manage your brand on Carro. Discover top products, partners, and opportunities.

Integrations - Coming 2023!

It should be easier to sell more, together. Weave Carro into your daily workflows with native and third-party integrations.

Can any brand join the network? 

Carro is the largest curated network of creators, marketplaces and top Shopify brands, working together to sell more. To use Carro, your store must be operating on USD with $5,000/month order volume and be located in a country supported by Stripe.

Can I only be a Retailer or Supplier, or can I become both?

Carro is built to support your store and your growth strategies. You can select the role that suits your store or brand best; a retailer, supplier, or both.

How does Carro make money?

It’s free to get started with Carro. We make money when you make money. Our Starter Plan for Retailers is $50/month to sell products from a partner on your site, and for Suppliers is 5% of the sales through your retailing Carro partners. You can read more about Pricing here.

What is the customer's experience?

The customer experience is exactly the same as it would be for any normal order. After purchase, the confirmation and shipping information will be sent from the retailer partner to the customer.

How can I see who I can work with?

It's free to install and browse the directory. If you qualify to use Carro, you can browse the Carro’s directory of Supplier brands after installation.

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