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We believe in fostering relationships between brands and influencers. We allow brands to discover and interact with influencers that already follow them or buy from them. Influencers can also opt-in with us directly to discover new brands.

Influencers have the option to remove their profiles from our dashboard using the contact form below. Influencers, brands, and website visitors may also use the contact form below to submit privacy questions and requests. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

For California Consumers: We are not data brokers and we do not sell your data on the open market. However, under California’s new privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act, some of the ways we share information may constitute a “sale.”

- If you are an influencer, we may share public information about you with brands that you already follow or buy from. You may also opt-in with us directly to discover new brands. To remove your profile from Carro, or to make a privacy request, fill out the form below.

- If you are a website visitor, we use third party cookies on our website in order to serve you relevant ads on other websites. You may opt out of such cookies through our cookie banner or through your browser settings. See our Cookie Policy for more information.

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