Case Study: How Thread Wallets increased their conversion rate by 80.5%!

About Thread Wallets

“We carry your identity, your passion for progress. Your reason for being. Your individuality amongst uniformity. We’re redefining the way you carry ‘you’, and you look damn good doing it. With our wallets, we know that functionality and expression are woven together to create the perfect extension of who you are. On the shelf, the hook, in your bag or pocket, we’ll hold it together while you do your thing.”

Thread Wallets creates slim, streamlined wallets and card holders that are as unique as their customers.

When Thread Wallets was trying to grow their business, they turned to Storetasker to improve the customer experience, and Carro’s influencer marketing tools to get the word out about their brand.

About Thread Wallets
Thread Wallets StoreTasker UI/UX

Storetasker: Improving UX on

With Storetasker, Thread Wallets realized that they could hire a verified Shopify Expert to help them improve the overall performance and experience of their site, which would help their conversion rate.

Together, they assembled this list of improvements they could make:

  • They rebuilt their theme. The previous theme had bloated code and apps that made load speeds sluggish. By building from scratch, Storetasker was able to optimize the entire theme and improve performance, which led to happy customers who could easily complete their sale.
  • They added color swatches to the product pages. This enabled people to switch product colors and patterns, without having to click back to the collection page. By toggling between variants on the same page, they reduced friction and improved the conversion rates on product pages significantly.
  • They build a “mystery product” upsell within the cart page. It provides a fun way for customers to buy a surprise item. It was a huge success in increasing the Average Order Value.

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Storetasker’s Results

Thread Wallets was able to drastically improve their Conversion Rate, which is a key indicator of the customer’s experience on a website. These simple tasks to streamline performance allowed Storetasker to have a significant impact on Thread Wallet’s bottom line.

The Results ThreadWallets Case Study

Carro Helped Thread Wallets Spread the Word

Carro was one of the methods that Thread Wallets used to generate buzz and brand awareness for their products. Thread Wallets devoted resources to their influencer marketing so that they could get plenty of influencers mentioning them online and sharing about their products.

Thread Wallets was also able to start a successful campaign on college campuses, where influencers would share samples and information with their classmates.

ThreadWallets: Spread the Word

Carro’s Results

Carro was able to discover influencers with a connection to Thread Wallets so that they could start collaborating and creating brand awareness. Carro’s streamlined product requests feature also saved them time and energy in sending samples to their influencer team.



Discovered in their dashboard when Thread Wallets connected their store and social accounts.



Each influencer that Thread Wallets chose was considered a micro-influencer. These influencers can have higher than average engagement rates, which could mean better reach for Thread Wallet’s campaigns.



Thread Wallets used Carro’s Product Requests feature to coordinate shipments to influencers.



Thread Wallets sent large orders to influencers so that they could create buzz and give out samples to their friends and followers. Thread Wallets’ campaigns paid off big with massive scale word-of-mouth marketing!



Although their influencer team’s total following was just over 200K, Thread Wallets focus on both in-person word-of-mouth marketing and influencer marketing on social media ensured that they reached hundreds of thousands of people with their brand’s message.

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