How June & January Increased Revenue From Their Favorite Supplier By 347% YOY

The Challenge

June & January is a thriving eBoutique for kids’ fashion and gifts. They were named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Like the kids they clothed, June & January was having a growth spurt. The pandemic had disrupted shipments of their own products from overseas, so they pivoted to retailing for domestic partners. 

“To fulfill more orders, we needed a bigger space, more product, and more people. It was going to require a ton of money, and we’d only be recycling cash." - Amy Richardson-Golia

One day, a colleague recommended they turn June & January into a marketplace. “We didn’t realize that was a thing you could do,” said Amy. “We researched it a bit, and realized it might be amazing.” 

After testing a few different options, Amy tried Carro. “The first thing I saw there was OOLY, our number one wholesaling partner. It was like, game over. If we could get this kind of effortless relationship with our biggest supplier, it would be absolutely worthwhile.”

The Solution

After just 14 weeks with Carro, June & January made over $125,000 in revenue. A huge part was through their favorite vendor, marking an increase of 347% YOY. “We more than tripled what we sold in the same timeframe from 2020 to 2021,” Amy says. “It’s just wild.”

A jaw-dropping $46,000 came through in the first 30 days. Amy adds, “Seeing OOLY as a supplier on Carro was the deciding factor for us. Last year in this period, we had moved 2,000 units with them for $19,000 in revenue. This year, we sold 5,000 for $85,000.” With a $20 increase in AOV, it was clear that their customers loved the change, too. Without the extreme efficiency of the virtual inventory model, there’s no way June & January could have reached those numbers. Amy explains:

“Before we joined Carro, we had put our company on the market. We thought we needed capital to expand our traditional wholesaling. Now, we’re able to meet our goals without having any cash come out of pocket.” Amy Richardson-Golia


$40K revenue in first month
$20 increase in AOV
347% Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase from Their Top Supplier

“We’re tripling and quadrupling the numbers of units that we move because we have access to so much more inventory,” Amy Richardson-Golia

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