How My Little Baby Bug Increased Monthly Revenue 56% with Product Up-Sells

The Challenge

My Little Baby Bug primarily sells beautiful car seat covers for little ones. So when they decided they wanted to create a unique and intuitive experience to maximize their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), they were faced with the challenge of discovering eager customers that were already receptive to the niche product they had to sell. Like many industry-based products, the pool of customers actively searching for something as specific as a carseat cover is…small. My Little Baby Bug needed a way to unlock a solid customer base and open their products up to a wider range of exposure.

The Solution: Carro Brand Partnerships

Then along came Momo Go…Shortly after joining the Carro network, Baby Bug was able to leverage Momo Go’s carseats into a steady up-sell platform in their own store. By partnering with Momo Go and featuring their carseats, Baby Bug was able to create demand for their more niche product within their own store. By featuring a complimentary product that naturally created demand for their own, Baby Bug was able to unlock the larger customer base they had been looking for. Not only were they able to gain steady revenue up-selling their products to now eager customers, they were able to retain those eager customers and create drastically more robust retargeting campaigns. Thus, they acquired a sales channel that not only produces revenue, but expands their customer base exponentially with each sale.

The Results

My Little Baby Bug’s Carro partnerships turned out to be a huge success, with their Momo Go deal leading the charts. By strategically partnering themselves with the right complimentary products, Baby Bug was able to increase their revenue 56% over just three months (as compared to the previous three months)! They illustrate the power of placement, and show how often times a sale is as simple as selling the right product – at the right time. And by leveraging a brand network like Carro’s, Baby Bug will be able to replicate this system of success as many times as they wish – gaining new customers with each step.

56% Revenue Increase
In first 3 months of partnership with Momo Go

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