How Paperlike Became a One-Stop Shop for iPad Users


Paperlike wanted to be the one-stop shop for iPad owners. This meant:

  1. Expanding their catalog
  2. Selling more products
  3. Increasing their average order value

With Paperlike already selling the #1 haptic-based screen protector for anyone with an iPad, they needed to expand their catalog with brands their customers could trust.

Jan Sapper, Founder and CEO of Paperlike explained: he “want[ed] people to go to their website to get a paper-like screen protector and say, ‘oh sh*t! I can get everything here: case, grip, charger, usb, dock, etc.’”


Paperlike partnered with Carro because of Carro’s relationship to thousands of brands and distributors. During the pandemic, DTC’s were scaling online retail and Paperlike was looking for a new and inventive way to sell across stores.

It didn’t make sense to manufacture products themselves, so Paperlike wanted to find the best brands to partner with. Through Carro’s catalog of brands, Paperlike found SketchBoard Pro, an iPad stand trusted by artists. In just a few clicks, Paperlike added an award-winning product to their catalog to offer alongside Apple Pencil grips, a cleaning kit, and exciting product bundles. Because of Carro, Paperlike was able to expand their catalog beyond their original offering and increase their revenue as a result.

The idea behind Carro is simple: sell more products and collect major profits. Paperlike provides a great user experience by expanding their catalog to include items their customers are already looking for. When a customer comes to Paperlike for a screen protector, they now have the ability to find everything they need to work professionally with the iPad and Apple Pencil combined. 

One strategy Paperlike used to increase their average order value was adding bundles. By listing a bundle at a higher price point, they drove more attention towards the other products they wanted to sell. In other words, by offering a more expensive bundle, their customers believed they were getting a bargain by ordering the lower-priced alternative.

Paperlike succeeded in becoming a one-stop shop for iPad holders.They will continue to open new sales channels as they find more brands to add to their store. With the Carro app, Paperlike can customize the description and images of any new products so they perfectly match the brand’s look and feel. 

Paperlike uses Carro to easily open a new sales channel for no extra inventory cost. In addition to managing a virtual inventory, Carro’s partners completely handle the quality control, distribution, and fulfillment of the new products. “Downloading Carro was a no-brainer,” Sapper noted.


Length of campaign: 9 months
Average order value: 350% higher in carts with Carro products

These results are just the beginning for Paperlike, as there is no limit to the amount of products they can add to their catalog, or the amount of revenue they can make. With a Carro-powered marketplace, Paperlike will continue to increase their average order value and create new customers for life.

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