How Teddy and Bear Transformed Their Influence into New Revenue with Carro

The Challenge

Influencers are king when it comes to building an audience and impacting buying behaviors. But, turning around and monetizing that audience for themselves is a whole different ball game – and often, a difficult one. When Influencer “Power Couple” Shawn Johnson and Andrew East began seeing success promoting products to their audiences on social media, they knew it could be exponentially replicated across an array of complementary products. Thus, Teddy and Bear was born!

Shawn and Andrew wanted to make the jump with their brand Teddy and Bear in order to keep more of the revenue from products they were promoting and using anyway. But like many brands just starting out, they also wanted to circumvent the traditional cost and time spent pursuing those often elusive relationships.

shawn johnson and andrew easton with their child

The Solution

Shortly after joining the Carro network, Teddy and Bear quickly began expanding their product offering with Baby and Children’s goods. Everything they added to their catalog fit in just right with the original Teddy and Bear collection of products. By forming strategic product partnerships, Teddy and Bear discovered a scalable way to offer more to their audience AND drive up revenue by increasing their AOV & LTV. Joining a comprehensive brand network gave this Influencer store the ability to truly monetize its fanbase.

Not only are Teddy and Bear now boosting their average order value with complementary products, but they’re also maximizing the lifetime value of each “fan” they convert into a customer. By working with Carro Network brands that fit the ethos of their fanbase, Teddy and Bear is building their brand’s reputability and awareness all while running targeted campaigns to the customers they know so well.

The Results

Using Carro, Teddy and Bear have been able to monetize their influence and expand their single-product store with remarkable success! Not only has Teddy and Bear successfully introduced new products to their customers, but the products they’ve introduced have been a hit! Since joining the network, Carro sales for Teddy and Bear have accounted for 18% of their total revenue! Teddy and Bear truly illustrates how aligning with an immersive brand network can transform an influencer’s fan base, into a customer base.

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