How Vanity Planet & Glow Recipe Acquired 478+ Customers With No Additional Marketing Costs!

The Challenge

For the holiday rush, Vanity Planet wanted to add gift bundles and collaborate with well-known names in the skincare industry. Gift bundles are a popular item during the holiday season, but Vanity Planet didn’t want to get bogged down with purchase orders or be left with excess inventory at the end of the shopping rush.

Vanity Planet found Glow Recipe through Carro’s Brand Partnerships and set up a collaboration with them to offer their customers a one-of-a-kind skincare experience that they couldn’t find on any other shopping site.

The Solution: Carro’s Brand Partnerships

With Carro’s Brand Partnerships, Vanity Planet was able to find Glow Recipe and add their products to the gift bundle with Carro’s streamlined integration. Vanity Planet didn’t have to buy any inventory to get started, instead they added Glow Recipe’s products in just a few clicks and were able to start selling immediately!

When a Glow Recipe product was sold on Vanity Planet’s site, a wholesale order was created for Glow Recipe so that they could fulfill the items from that order. Carro handled all the paperwork, so Vanity Planet could reap the benefits of this bundle. Vanity Planet would send their facial steamer separately and the customer got a complete gift bundle just in time for the holidays!

Vanity Planet went a step further and created their Steam, Sleep & Glow Set, which included both Glow Recipe’s products and Vanity Planet’s facial steamer. That way, Vanity Planet was able to increase the value that the gift bundle provided their customers and increase their order value on every gift bundle purchase!

Carro created an enterprise solution so that Vanity Planet could create gift bundles that had both their products and products from partners included. More on that below!

The Product: Steam, Sleep & Glow Set

Vanity Planet’s hit product of the holiday season was their Steam, Sleep & Glow Set, which included a facial steamer from Vanity Planet, and a facial mask and toner from Glow Recipe. The product bridged the gap between what Vanity Planet does best and what they needed to round out their product catalog.

Vanity Planet offered this premium gift bundle on their website and customers went wild. It included an all-in-one bundle for customers to purchase, which made it convenient and perfectly suited to Vanity Planet’s demographic. By bundling their products together, it also increased the order value for each gift bundle purchased, which meant more revenue for Vanity Planet!

Creating the Gift Bundle

The Steam, Sleep & Glow Set was created using a combination of Vanity Planet and Glow Recipe’s products.

The Steam, Sleep & Glow Set included:

$34 Toner (from Glow Recipe)
$45 Sleeping Mask (from Glow Recipe)
$50 Ionic Facial Steamer (from Vanity Planet)
=$129 total value

To accomplish this, Carro created a custom solution that allowed Vanity Planet to create gift bundles. You can contact us by clicking on the Customer Service bubble in the lower right corner to inquire about our enterprise solutions.

If you’re not ready for the enterprise level yet, but still want to try out gift bundles, here are a few apps that can help:

Co-Branding and Co-Marketing Their Product Bundle

Vanity Planet’s success with this gift bundle is because of the co-branding and co-marketing they did to promote the bundle. They shared the bundle in ads on their website, featured it on their homepage, and even sent it out in their email marketing (see below).

Glow Recipe & Vanity Planet Collaboration

Vanity Planet was able to capitalize on the name recognition of Glow Recipe to help the sales of their gift bundle. They gave this collaboration a lot of publicity, featuring Glow Recipe’s brand name in all of their mentions of the gift bundle. For customers familiar with this brand, it would have instant appeal. Meanwhile, customers who hadn’t heard of Glow Recipe yet were intrigued about trying a new product that Vanity Planet was offering.

This gift bundle relied on the appeal of both brands in order to sell more. Customers were able to recognize and trust at least one brand in the bundle, so they knew that they were getting a great product. By letting Glow Recipe take center stage in ads on Vanity Planet’s site, they were creating social proof, trust, and name recognition for their audience in order to promote their gift bundle.

The Results

Vanity Planet and Glow Recipe’s collaboration was a huge success. From Black Friday to Christmas, the product generated $68,300 in sales. With more than 478 units sold, the gift bundle was a huge win for both Vanity Planet and Glow Recipe in the month of December!

3 Weeks

Now, $68,000 may seem like a lot of revenue to generate from a single bundle for some brands, but that’s not even the best part. Both Vanity Planet and Glow Recipe shared each customers that purchased a bundle, so that they can remarket and retarget campaigns to them and generate even more customer lifetime value from each acquisition. That’s right, Vanity Planet and Glow Recipe gained 478+ customers from co-branding and co-marketing this bundle.

Both brands already had existing marketing pointing to their respective sites and each customer that was acquired through the other site was acquired at no additional cost. They didn’t have to put a penny more toward advertising, but every time a customer was acquired through this gift bundle, they both benefited.

What does that mean?

  • They lowered their CAC, or customer acquisition cost, by working with a partner.
  • They kept their marketing budget the same, but were still able to feed the top of their remarketing and sales funnels.
  • Both brands can retarget and remarket to these customers to increase their value!

Get these Results for Your Store with Gift Bundles

You can replicate these results with a gift bundle that captures your customers’ interests. Work with other brands in your industry to create an irresistible offer and to bundle your customer’s favorite products together. With gift bundles, you can increase the value of each unit sold, so that you increase your Average Order Value and Gross Revenue!

With Carro, brands can add products to their own store without investing anything in inventory or fulfillment. Products are seamlessly imported into the store so that you can start selling in minutes. Vanity Planet was able to find products that perfectly aligned with their customer’s interests, pair it with their own products, and offer an irresistible gift bundle for the holiday season. They didn’t have to pay for any inventory costs or manage any purchase orders. Instead, they used Carro’s seamless integration to sell Glow Recipe’s products in their bundles.

Install Carro today to start selling products from top-selling Shopify stores on your own site!

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About the Collaborators

Vanity Planet found Glow Recipe through Carro’s Brand Partnerships and set up a collaboration with them to offer their customers a one-of-a-kind skincare experience that they couldn’t find on any other shopping site.

Vanity Planet

Vanity Planet offers high-performing, skin-inclusive, self-care essentials — for everyone. Vanity Planet continues to evolve the everyday beauty routine with accessible, top-selling skincare and styling devices, and advanced treatments to suit every skin type.

Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe makes natural, fruit-powered skincare designed to help bring out your inner glow. Glow Recipe specializes in unexpected sensorial textures, colorful packaging, and innovative ingredients.

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