How to Write Captions that Convert On Your Instagram Blog

How to Write Captions that Convert On Your Instagram Blog

Has this ever been you? You have a perfectly edited photo ready to share with your dedicated audience on Instagram, but then you get stuck on the caption. This is a very common occurrence in the world of Instagram marketing. And, while some people focus on writing a passable caption for their IG posts, we want to equip you with all the tips you need to craft a high converting Instagram caption.

But first, you need to understand the importance of writing a high converting IG caption.

All that said, let’s get into the tips needed to create a high converting Instagram caption.

How to write Instagram captions that convert.

1) Write a killer first line

The first line of your Instagram caption is the first thing anyone sees, so it needs to capture the attention of your readers instantly.

Here are a few tips for writing a first line that instantly draws IG scrollers in;

The goal is to keep scrollers reading your caption, thus engaging longer on it.

2) The length of your IG caption matters.

Another vital thing to consider when writing highly converting IG captions is the length of your caption. No one length fits all in this point. You have to find what works for you. You can do this by:

3) Use hashtags to get maximum reach

Next is to use hashtags to get maximum reach. Using hashtags in your photo caption will ensure that the right people are seeing and interacting with your content. This, in turn, will turn interested people into avid customers.

While hashtags are essential, some IG users don’t like to use them because of how clustered they could make their caption look. If this is you, then try putting them in the first comment with five line breaks. Do this immediately after your post if you want them to take effect.

4) Add call to action in your caption

Another tip on how to write Instagram captions that convert is to add a call to actions in your caption. Daily insights say that up to 65% of top-performing brands post feature products on their IG, and use CTA to push their audience to take action on their post.

There are two ways to use a call to action on your Instagram. One way is to write a phrase or sentence that invites a question. For example, adding phrases like;

Can push action, which is to comment on your post. We call this an engagement CTA.

Another way to use CTA in your caption to convert your audience into buyers is to redirect them to your bio link. This is called a Bio link call to action. All you do is link your blog, website, or anything you want to promote in your bio, and once you write your caption, add a sentence like; Click the link in my bio to …

Make sure you always add CTA to your captions, they are a great way to build engagements on your IG post.

5) Add emojis in your caption

The power of emojis cannot be measured, but as 93% of communication is non-verbal, and emojis help us communicate without actual words, you need to be adding emojis in your caption for better communication.

Using emojis in your caption will also let you craft photo caption with little words, thus hitting that ‘short and sweet’ point most people struggle to attain in their caption.

But, make sure the emojis you use in your caption relates to the content of your photo or your photo caption.

6) Use storytelling in your caption

Who doesn’t love a good story? In 2019, Content Works took an in-depth dive into storytelling in marketing and how brands were using them to grow their consumer base. They found out that a consumers’ emotional response to an add could influence buying decisions by a factor of 3 to 1. And, storytelling could push an emotional reaction from consumers.

So, use storytelling in your photo caption, to propel an emotional response from your consumers and convert them to active buyers.

7) Mention other Instagram accounts in your caption

Lastly, but certainly not least, mention other IG accounts relevant to your caption, photo, or profile in your caption. The goal is to build a community around yourself, and you cannot build a community. By promoting other IG accounts to your audience, you are:

In conclusion

There are so many people on Instagram who push a great Instagram photo with an empty/ non-converting photo caption, don’t be one of them. Use the points listed in this article to craft IG captions that stand out, and convert.

Jamie Fry – Purposeful and promising author. At this moment he is working at writing services review companies, as Pick the writer and Writing Judge and enhances his blogging skills. Confidently goes to his goal. He has a talent for writing original content. The main conviction in his life: «To be the best in the field in which you are developing». Always in search of fresh ideas.

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