The Differences between a PR List and Influencer Marketing

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
The Differences between a PR List and Influencer Marketing

Your PR list, or Public Relations list, and influencer marketing go hand in hand. They are ways of getting the message out about your brand and spreading the word about your products.

PR lists have slowly replaced the days of press releases, where each press outlet would get an announcement of news from local or large companies. Instead, public relations offered a more genuine and personable experience, so that audiences and potential consumers could digest the message from their peers, rather than reading about it in a stuffy publication.

In today’s digital landscape, PR lists and influencer marketing are adapting and shifting quickly to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s what you need to know about the modern state of PR lists and influencer marketing.

What is a PR list?

A PR list is the ultimate contact list for a brand. It is made up of the best media contacts, press members, and yes, even influencers that can help you get the word out to the right people.

It’s not enough to just have a large list either. These need to be the contacts that can strike gold for you every time. Each contact should have an audience that overlaps with your ideal potential customer and they should have hit a few home runs for your past campaigns already (I know, I’m mixing metaphors, but these contacts should really be the gold miners who can slide into home plate for you!).

A PR list can be curated in a few ways, including outreach to news organizations, sponsoring events, hosting special events, attending tradeshows, and even reaching out on social media. Someone who works in social media and public relations may also bring their contact list with them to connect new people to your brand.

This PR list is a valuable asset that should be maintained within your CRM or content management system.

Does my brand need a PR list?

The simple answer? Yes!

Your PR list, even if you don’t use it regularly, is a file that can be turned into big revenue for your brand when used correctly.

You should start finding a standardized way to save these valuable contacts so that you can use them to create your best brand promotions.

How is Influencer Marketing Different than a PR List?

Your PR list is not just a list of influencers. Instead, is an aggregated list of your best contacts. Your list of influencers is an entirely separate process for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing campaigns can send products to your list of influencers so that they share about your brand and products. This can be an ever-changing list of influencers that you are working with to produce content. These influencers may succeed, but some may not be able to produce the results you need. In each instance, your list of influencers changes for future campaigns.

Your PR list, on the other hand, should be a relatively stable list. It is the best contacts you have, so each spot on the list should be thoroughly vetted before you start using that contact for your PR campaigns. In PR campaigns, you’ll be reaching out to a more diverse group to let them know about your latest brand announcement. While this may involve sending products to these influencers and contacts, the process should revolve around your public relation campaign’s goals and messaging.

However, when you have a highly successful influencers, the lines between these two lists blur together. The influencer should be included on your PR list and you should involve them in your PR campaigns.

How to Use Your PR List with Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

Your PR list and your influencer marketing efforts should go hand in hand. Your influencer marketing and public relations are both aiming for brand awareness and positive mentions for your brand, so in these ways, influencer marketing and public relations are united.

How Your Influencer Marketing and PR List Work Together:

  1. Your influencer marketing is a testing ground for your PR list. Before you add someone to your PR list, you can partner with them for an influencer marketing campaign. If they are able to produce results consistently, then they should be included on your PR list.
  2. Put your VIP influencers on your PR list. The best influencers should hear from you more often, so it can help them promote you better if they are on your PR list and receive the communications that you send to this list.
  3. Promote your new releases, latest company updates, and sales/promotions to your PR list and your influencer team. Influencers can spread the word about your brand and can benefit from the additional information that you provide. Your PR list can also spread the word, but they may have different outlets from your influencers. Media and press may write a web article or share a video, while influencers will typically focus on social posting. This diversified approach will help you achieve your brand’s marketing goals.

In the end, your PR list should be the VIP contacts that you cultivate throughout your brand’s partnerships, but should also include your top-performing influencers that have provided results time after time.

When constructing your PR campaigns and your influencer marketing, consider which group can help you achieve your brand goals most efficiently and structure your campaigns accordingly.

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