Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers

Facebook is still the bedrock of most social media strategies. A healthy and growing following on Facebook can help you build winning retargeting ads, get your content seen by more people, and build brand recognition.

There are many ways to grow your following on Facebook, but here are a few of the best ways to legitimately and safely grow a loyal and active follower base on Facebook.

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1. Share Meaningful Content

To grow my Facebook following, I like to share helpful tips and meaningful content with my audience, as well as funny puns or relatable memes from time to time. I do my best to keep it real and so that I can connect with my audience on a genuine leve. I do use paid ads as well, some of them with a call to action for those interested in learning more about what I have to offer. On one of my ads I offer a fun little grammar and punctuation quiz to keep the engagement going. It gives my potential students a better idea if they could be a good fit for pursuing proofreading as a career.

~Caitlin Pyle, Owner and Founder of

2. Post Frequently and Consistently

A good social media marketer is the one who posts frequently and consistently. No Facebook marketing strategy can be completed with a thorough schedule. Always make sure to create and maintain a regular schedule for posting content that shares value. It not only helps ensure greater customer-engagement but also makes your audience believe that there is a human behind the account.

~Rameez Ghayas Usmani, PureVPN

3. Leverage Paid Ads

One way brands grow their following quickly on Facebook is to run ads specifically geared at growing their following. If you’ve never run a Facebook ad, it’s really not that hard. A page likes campaign can be set up in under 20 minutes. You can target your specific audience by a number of demographic factors so that you can make sure you’re hitting your correct target audience. As you’re setting things up, make sure to pick Engagement and Page Likes as your goal.

The best part? Before hitting publish, Facebook will estimate the number of new Likes your brand will get, based on your budget. This will allow you to really understand your ROI before spending a dime.

~Jeremy Kraft,

4. Run Targeted Ads

One way to grow your following on Facebook is to run targeted ads to your target audience using Facebook’s targeting tools. Doing this will allow you to build a large following for relatively little money as long as you are running ads that are of interest to your target market as opposed to openly sales-y ones to start with.

~Stacy Caprio, Founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing

5. Giveaways and Promotions

The best way to grow your following on Facebook is to do giveaways and promotions that require a user to follow and repost to enter. When people are interested in your promotions, and realize you do these promotions often, they will continue to engage with your content. This creates a ripple effect, with more people seeing and engaging with your content each time it is reposted. AS long as you have a small, niche-targeted audience to begin with, this strategy is a cheap and effective way to grow your following.

~Ryan Roller, Founder of Bead the Change

6. A Call to Action Works Every Time

My best tip to grow your following on Facebook is to add a call to action at the end of your blog articles.

The paradox of choice prevents action so we make sure to keep it simple and direct ot the point. For example, if the blog article is about tips on how to start a blog, our CTA would ask readers to share the blog article on their Facebook page or in relevant groups. Sometimes, we just tell them to like our Facebook page to get updated when we publish new blog articles.

~Allan Borch,

7. Find Your Niche

My number one tip is think small to grow. Figure out exactly who you want to serve. If your Facebook page is for everyone, nobody’s gonna come in and say “this is for me!” Find your focused audience, then serve them deeply and consistently. They’ll like the page if they know every post is going to be gold just for them.

~Scot Nery, Entertainment Business Consultant

8. Invite People to Like Your Page

If you’re already boosting your posts at new audiences, then we always recommend performing the extra step of manually inviting those who have liked your posts to follow your page. It’s a simple method that requires just a few seconds and in our experience, has an approximate 10% success rate for our clients.

~Taylor Kerby, Founder of Something Great Marketing

9. Use Facebook Live

The best tip I have for growing your Facebook following is getting on Facebook Live. I have live streams twice a week where I would play original compositions or covers of popular songs on my guitar while answering questions. Sometimes I’d switch it up by reviewing guitar accessories.

I always make a point to let my followers know when a live stream will be and what it’s gonna be about. All Facebook Live videos get shown on the Facebook Live Map, so the more viewers on your live stream, the higher you’lll show up on the feed. Thus, potentially increasing Facebook likes.

~James Bullard, Founder of Sound Fro

10. Join a Group

Join different groups. This allows you to expand your connection. Join a group with the same interests as your blog/business and be active on it. Once they have discovered your website, for sure they will be converted as your avid follower.

~Sonya Schwartz, Founder at Her Norm

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