What Influencers Wish Brands Knew: Marketing through Influencer’s Eyes

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah Donawerth
What Influencers Wish Brands Knew: Marketing through Influencer’s Eyes

The typical brand manager is eager to promote their brand by marketing through influencers. However, it’s usually a little unclear influencers do, and what their true value is. This article will help to pull back the curtain on influencers and all that they do.

A Day in the Life of an Influencer

Brands Should Know…

Influencers are hard-working. Content creation is a struggle for even well-established brands, so what influencers have accomplished is staggering. Content on Instagram and other platforms is higher quality than ever before. Influencers typically have a full-time job on top of all the work they are putting in to their social platforms. Juggling this is a skill and brands need to remember that influencers are hustling just like the rest of us.

Creating community is a never-ending effort. Influencers weren’t built overnight. Influencers can’t just buy a community (despite some who try) and are constantly working to maintain these standards. Marketing through influencers should acknowledge the hard work of building an audience when brands formulate their partnerships.

True influencers won’t sell their soul. An influencer has spent years building their audience, and they won’t jeopardize that for a few free products. According to Forbes, every influencer they surveyed had turned down a brand request at least once. They cited their values, personal brand, and the need to maintain their creative freedom.

Influencers are not billboards. If your brand wants to blast customers with their message, then they need to rent a blimp or a billboard. Influencers are sharing their real, authentic opinions about a product and won’t simply be a mouthpiece for your message. Skip the script and instead equip the influencer with everything they need to create quality content with your products.

Let Influencers Be Influencers

The worst thing a brand can do is to make an influencer follow what your brand is doing to the letter. Marketing through influencers should allow influencers to do what they do best. Influencers are not another space for your to post brand content. Influencers are content creators who know what resonates with their audience and can be given the freedom to promote your product.

Unfortunately, influencers will never be without some oversight from brands. That just means that brands and influencers need to trust each other in order to create even better content. Understanding that an influencer has a separate set of skills from your other marketing personnel will help you better use all of their creative, finely-tuned abilities.

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